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All Locations can be accessed by car or truck

WadeFish Rockport Book & DVD was developed as a tool to help anglers,their friends, their kids and family take advantage of the knowledge of decades of wade fishing expertise along the Coastal Bend Bay System from the renowned USA Patented fishing lure inventor of the Rockport Rattler® jig and the NEW and IMPROVED - TEXAS RATTLER™ jig with its patent pending U-Lock™ ... Saltwater Guide - Capt. Rex Hoyt  - and the spectacular saltwater fishing that the Coastal Bend has to offer. 

The WadeFish Rockport book contains 17 wade fish locations:

1) St. Charles Bay    

2) Aransas Bay
3) Copano Bay
4) Port Bay
5) Corpus Christi Bay
6) Redfish Bay
7) Nueces Bay.


These 17 wadefishing locations are the most productive locations in the Coastal Bend that Capt. Rex has fished over the last 23 years.

Each map contains structure that is unique to that location, i.e. shell reefs, cuts and guts, sand bars, pot holes and drop offs. Each of the 17 locations have a detailed map with structure located on it that can only be learned by actually walking in the saltwater at each of these particular wade fishing spots.

The WadeFish Rockport© DVD is a over an hour and films each of the 17 locations and as an added BONUS, Capt. Rex gives you some rigging tips for 'Live Bait' and Lures.

The DVD will actually take you to each location so you can actually see the roads, the saltwater, the areas of structure detailed on your WadeFish Rockport© Map and the driving terrain of the 17 actual wade fish locations as Capt. Rex informs and Coaches you on that specific locations structure. With discussions on that particular location about the structure, the time of year to fish, the lunar & tidal influences and the types of lures and/or bait to use. 

The DVD will "take you there" so you can become familiar with the wade fishing location "before you get there !!!"

The WadeFish Rockport Book with the Maps and DVD contain proprietary information that would take the average angler several years, dozens of tanks of gas and hundreds of hours of wade fishing each of these 17 locations to accumulate this knowledge.

With the Publishing of the WadeFish Rockport© Book and DVD, as he did with his  new and improved TEXAS RATTLER™ jigheads and his old  Rockport Rattler® jig invention, Trout Scout Guide Service and the Copano Bay Secret Reefs Map & DVD  - Capt. Rex has now given anglers who desire to wadefish or kayak the Coastal Bend  Bay system a serious tool so that those anglers know where and how to go catch fish by just getting their feet wet or fishing from the bank or a kayak without an expensive boat and gas bill.

Fishing is fun, but "Catching" is more FUN !!

Trophy Trout caught wade fishing

WadeFish Rockport helps anglers catch fish ... this is this anglers biggest trout he has caught and he did it on a Rockport Rattler jig I invented !!!

14 YO catches Trophy Trout

WadeFish Rockport customer from June 2016 ... this young angler caught this 30" Trophy Trout at Location #2 and his Dad had it mounted for him.

Copano Bay Secret Reefs Map, Chart & DVD

Copano Bay Secret Reefs Info

In Copano Bay, Capt. Rex first learned to navigate the reefs and wells with his grandfather Fred A. Hoyt and dad, Captain Fred D. Hoyt in the late 1960s. Back in those days the shell reefs around oil and gas wells were very productive for trout fishing. You could see the well on the horizon and navigate to it - it was just that easy.

In the 1970s,  before GPS Units were commonplace on fishing boats, these stripper oil wells were plugged along with their the highly visible platforms making it tough for anglers to find them, even for those who had used them for generations. These small and deep shell reefs were now and are still hidden from anglers.

From 1999 - 2003 Capt. Rex put his background in Oil & Gas Exploration to good use by going to the Texas Railroad Commission and pulling the original Drilling Permits on over 70 wells drilled in Copano Bay back in the 1940 - 1960s, which were located by Section and GPS Waypoint on the Texas RRC Drilling Permits.  Copano Bay is divided into 640 acre Sections on a Land Plat filed for Record at the Aransas County Clerk's Office back in the 1850s. You will get a copy of that map with your order and the reefs are set out on a grid by Section Number - easy to use and an easy reference.

For 4 years on their off days Capt. Rex and Captain Fred searched for these now hidden or 'secret reefs'. Some had live oyster shell and some had silted in. The result of their efforts over the years was that these two mariners found over  40 hidden or secret reefs which are laid out on the Chart by Section and Waypoint. None of these reefs are plotted on any maps except the Copano Bay Secret Reefs© Map & Chart.

The result is if you are catching fish on one reef and  the trout bite quits, you can find a reef at the next closest Section and fish it for trout and reds instead of driving all the way across the bay to find another reef, - which will help you 1) save gas, 2) spend more time fishing instead of boating and 3) catch more fish in the vicinity of where you originally found them.

The Map: is laid out by Section and the Location Number within that Section. Some Sections contain multiple small reefs. The Map is 8" x 11", laminated to last for generations and can fit in your tackle box.

The Chart: is on the back of the laminated map is a Chart with each Section listed and Location with that Section by numerical order, so the GPS Waypoints are easily found.

The DVD is about 45 minutes long and Captain Rex discusses at length: 

1)Tide Phase influences on Copano Bay and Port Bay 

2) Moon Phase influences on times to fish Copano Bay 

3) Shrimp Migration time periods that make the reefs 'turn on' in Copano Bay. 

4) Terminal Tackle that has proven productive over time specific to this area.

 5) Specific Seasons to fish some locations for the best time of the year for catching trout, redfish and/or flounder at a specific location.

6) Port Bay  fishing locations

7) Mission Bay  fishing locations

8)Turtle Pen  fishing locations

9) Bayside Estuary and it's influence on Copano Bay

10) Swan Lake fishing locations

11) Salt Lake fishing locations 

12) Trophy Trout locations in Copano Bay and Port

FREE WadeFish Charter with Capt. Rex with Membership

Rockport Fishing Club

ROCKPORT FISHING CLUB:  Mission is to protec, preserve an improve the Rockport bays wade fish locations.  

The ROCKPORT FISHING CLUB cost for a one year membership is $200 and includes: 

1) WadeFish Rockport Book & DVD (sells for $40.00)... 

2) Copano Bay Secret Reefs Map/Chart & DVD ( sells for $35.00) 

3) $50 discount on any and every boat charter for 1 year   

4) FREE wade fishing trip with Capt. Rex (value = $500 per trip) and other Rockport Fishing Club members

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History of Capt. Rex and the Rockport Rattler

Captain Rex grew up fishing Copano Bay from the time he could hold a fishing pole in the 1950s. His grandfather Fred A. Hoyt built the 3rd bay house in Copano Village in 1928 and his grandmother Ada Friday Hoyt and her family were from Tivoli and were fishing Copano Bay and St. Charles Bay in the 1880s.

In 1994 Captain Rex and his dad, Captain Fred Hoyt started Trout Scout Guide Service running 2 flat bottom boats on shallow salt water fishing charters for trout, redfish and flounder. By the turn of the 21st century the "The Trout Scout " and his Guide Service was one of the most recognized names along the Texas Gulf Coast for filling a customer's box full of trout - along with some Trophy Trout and Redfish from kids to grandparents.

In May 2003 Captain Rex introduced the world's 1st rattling jig head to help anglers catch more fish via his web site and Tackle Town in Rockport, Texas. Without advertising, the Rockport Rattler became the most popular and productive jig head on the market - nationwide !  

  The intense desire of Captain Rex to help teach and "coach" anglers to become more productive anglers morphed from his Trout Scout Guide Service doing that on a local level to the Rockport Rattler helping anglers catch more fish - nationwide.

In 2009, in order to allow the Rockport Rattler to keep up with nationwide demand, investment capital was needed to expand manufacturing and distribution operations and raise capital - but that couldn't happen without a US Patent on the product investors kept telling Captain Rex.

All products put on the market have to file for a US Patent within their 1st year of being introduced to the market.

The Rockport Rattler was put on the market in 2003 by Captain Rex, so he quickly implemented his design of a QuickLock Rockport Rattler, which he had under his 'top secret' inventory for many years, which under the US Patent Captain Rex earned is technically called an "adjustable locking device" in the legal language of the Official U.S. Rockport Rattler Patent that was issued to Captain Rex Harrison Hoyt in November 2009.     

  Captain Rex not only invented and designed the 1st rattling jig head to be put on the market in 2003, but he also invented and introduced the world's 1st "adjustable locking device" put on a jig head, ... which in fact - is what earned Capt. Rex a US Patent issued in 2009 on his Rockport Rattler invention.

Over the past 15 years - Captain Rex via his Rockport Rattler jig head invention back in 2003 has been helping 1,000s of anglers "catch more fish" by its nationwide sales in Academy Sporting Goods and many local tackle shops nationwide along the coast and lakes of the USA.

To this very day, Captain Rex continues his dedication to helping both adults and our youth discover and learn how to catch fish!

In June 2010 Captain Rex introduced his Copano Bay Secret Reefs web site, which contains over 40 uncharted-yet-productive oyster reefs in Copano Bay.  

In September 2013 Captain Rex introduced his WadeFish Rockport© Book & DVD to the market to help hard working anglers and their kids to catch fish - without a boat or the expensive gas that goes in it. Just get the WadeFish Rockport© Book & DVD - follow the tips, the instructions and fish the structures on located on the maps and you and your family and friends are set to catch fish.

In October 2017 Captain Rex has now issued his WadeFish Rockport© Book, 3rd Edition, which now contains color pictures, a new article on tips using the Rockport Rattler and by putting the Tide and Moon Phase Charts from the info on the DVD put into the book for a more handy reference from his discussions on these subjects on the DVD. 

In August 2017, Capt Rex started the Rockport Fishing Club -  whose mission is protect and preserve the wade fish locations in and around the Rockport bay systems for todays anglers, as well as our future generations of anglers.